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Coppermine Photo Gallery - The Sallie House-General Photos

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Coppermine Photo Gallery - Your online photo album

Home > The Sallie House-General Photos

TITLE  +   -     FILE NAME  +   -     DATE  +   -     POSITION  +   - 
Orb in Basement2415 viewsPhoto taken in the basement on January 23, 2005.
Down in the Basement2557 viewsPhoto taken in the basement, at the hole in the wall, on March 17, 2006.
Comparison2699 viewsPhoto on the left was taken before September 2005, photo of the right was taken in September. Both photos are of the same window at the Sallie House.
Close up of Two in One Photo2904 viewsClose up of one section of the photo Two in One, taken in September 2005 by Claudia.
Two in One17479 viewsThis photo was taken in September 2005 by Claudia, a frequent collaborator of KPG.
Close Up of Two in One2258 viewsThis is a close up of one section of the picture Two in One, taken in September 2005 by Claudia.
Down to the basement2237 viewsThis photo was taken after "The Basement" during our first trip to the Sallie House in November of 2005.
Melted Pen2313 viewsThe pen was fine when we arrived, an hour or two later, the pen was melted.
Sallie House2341 viewsThe Sallie House of Atchison, Kansas in February 2007,
Through the window3089 viewsPhoto taken through one of the livingroom windows on September 2006 by Claudia.
Headless Woman?24592 viewsCloseup of photo taken by Claudia, September 2006, through one of the livingroom windows.
Orb in Basement22159 viewsPhoto taken November 13, 2004, in the basement, during our first visit to the Sallie House.
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