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Coppermine Photo Gallery - Your online photo album

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User galleriesThis category contains albums that belong to Coppermine users.
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35 files in 19 albums and 1 categories with 0 comments viewed 99014 times

Sallie House September 2006 Investigation

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Union House

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Fort Riley

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Submitted Photos


2 files, last one added on Jun 17, 2007

Sallie House November 2007


3 files, last one added on Feb 25, 2008

Sallie House April 2008 Investigation


2 files, last one added on May 03, 2008

18 albums on 2 page(s) 2

Random files
Close Up of Two in One2258 viewsThis is a close up of one section of the picture Two in One, taken in September 2005 by Claudia.
Orb in Basement2415 viewsPhoto taken in the basement on January 23, 2005.
Orb in the Basement12412 viewsPhoto taken November 13, 2004, during our first visit to the Sallie House.
Headless Woman?24592 viewsCloseup of photo taken by Claudia, September 2006, through one of the livingroom windows.
Scratches on Tony1883 viewsPhoto of Tony Pickman after being scratched in the house on September 24, 2005.
Basement Orb836 viewsPhoto of orb in the basement, taken on January 23, 2005.
Through the window3089 viewsPhoto taken through one of the livingroom windows on September 2006 by Claudia.
Down in the Basement2557 viewsPhoto taken in the basement, at the hole in the wall, on March 17, 2006.

Last additions
Kitchen Mist1034 viewsThis photo was taken by a fellow investigator from another group. The photo was taken by Mary Myers on April 19, 2008 around 8 pm.May 03, 2008
Misty Livingroom1194 viewsThe photo on the right was taken first. It shows a misty haze in the room. The photo on the left was taken a short time later, and is there for comparison.May 03, 2008
Falling Penny-full photo1076 viewsThis is the full photo of the falling penny and it's reflection.Feb 25, 2008
Falling Penny1121 viewsA falling penny was captured on film, and it's reflection can be seen in the window.Feb 25, 2008
Headless Image1337 viewslook closely behind the flash.Feb 25, 2008
Scratches on Tony1883 viewsPhoto of Tony Pickman after being scratched in the house on September 24, 2005.Jul 17, 2007
Vibrating Orb1349 viewsPhoto taken on June 5, 2005 in the front upstairs bedroom of a vibrating orb.Jul 17, 2007
Coin1832 viewsVictorian Penny found on the floor of the livingroom on March 18, 2006.Jul 17, 2007