Haunting in Union, Missouri

Is there a house in Union, Missouri that is haunted by ghosts or demonic entities? The truth is we don't know. Our investigation into the Union House Haunting yielded few results and we have not returned to the location.

The history of the area surrounding the house in Union, Missouri.

The town of Union, Missouri was built on donated land in 1826. The 72 1/2 acres was donated by three farmers who had built log cabins on the land. The county courthouse was completed in 1828 and within the first 15 years, the town added a blacksmith, two general stores, a wagon maker, a cabinet maker, a shoemaker, a hotel, a tavern, and a four story flour mill. The post office was opened on July 20, 1827. By 1887, the population had grown to 610 and the town was experiencing a boom due to the completion of the St. Louis-Kansas City and Colorado railroad through Union.

Union's role in the Civil War

Modern day Haunting


Missouri Paranormal Research
This group has done extensive research at the location. However, some members of this group have lived in the house and therefore, their accounts may be colored by personal feelings. Their site does provide a detailed report of their investigation and should be visited, if for nothing more than a deeper understanding of the location.

History of Union, Missouri



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