The Sallie House

1993-The Haunting Begins

"Excerpt taken from Haunted Kansas by Lisa Hefner Heitz" The Ghost of Sallie the Man-Hater

Stories about Sallie's presence in the doctor's former house began in 1993 when the residence was rented to a young family. Shortly after their arrival at the house, they began noticing strange phenomena: The family dog would bark and growl seemingly for no reason, particularly in the vicinity of the baby's room on the second floor; the television set would turn off spontaneously; one light in a room would suddenly dim; pictures on the wall would be found hanging upside down. In one bizarre incident, the family returned from an evening out to find all the stuffed toys in the nursery placed, face out, in a ring in the middle of the floor.

After a time, Sallie's pranks took a vicious turn. Reportedly, several small fires broke out in the house. Most terrifying, a series of vicious attacks began that targeted only the young husband. The first attack occurred as he entered the room on the first floor that had been the surgery room. A sudden premonition struck him, and he experienced a feeling of cold moving up and into his arm. He looked down at his arm, and a series of scratches materialized there. Later attacks supposedly left him with long raised scratches on his back, his chest, and his abdomen. Sometimes the scratches would be so severe they would bleed. Always before the entity would attack the husband, he would experience a sudden dropping of the temperature in the room or an area of coldness that would migrate to his body. He would know he was about to encounter the spirit of Sallie and her vengeful nails.

The ghost of Sallie never attacked the wife or baby in the family, only the man. The logical connection drawn in the accounts of this frightening man-hating spirit is that Sallie perceived the husband to be an embodiment of the male doctor who let her die. Particularly if the surgical version of her demise is used, it becomes obvious that Sallie was trying to elicit "an eye for an eye" in her attacks with her sharp nails on the abdomen and stomach of her victim.

Stories of the haunting of this family in the old doctor's house included details of two visual sightings of the ghost by the husband. One night just a hand materialized over his side of the bed, moving toward his face. Another time, he claimed to have seen the figure of a little girl standing in the kitchen.

Strange anomalous photographs taken by the couple seem to indicate streaks, shapes, and shadows in the pictures that are difficult to explain. Opinions on whether these are truly otherworldly photos of Sallie in spirit form or explainable film or photographic defects superimposed on the pictures depend on who is analyzing the photos. Photos taken of the husband's back and chest showing the scratches are more disturbing, but there could be logical explanations for those as well.

The Sightings crew, filming at the house at the time, supposedly witnessed an attack on the husband complete with spontaneous bleeding scratches. Specialists in the fields of psychic phenomena, the paranormal, parapsychology, and spirit photography were utilized by the television program to investigate the startling occurrences at the Atchison house. A psychic was brought in as well, and he divined that a child named Sallie died in the house-in fact, he claimed to see her face in an upstairs window as he first approached the house.

The family lived in their haunted house for about a year; then, faced with the increasing ferocity of Sallie's attacks against the man of the house, they moved out. Oddly, the man continued to develop welts and scratches after they left the house, but the episodes became infrequent. Another family has rented the house, and, so far, Sallie has left them alone.







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