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October 25, 2007

The Kevin Smith Show

    I was going to discuss the Sallie House and explain the technical
problems that I had faced this last time. Electronic components were acting up even though they were working just fine earlier. When Kevin called me to set up the remote, he said he could not get his microphone to work even though it had been working just fine for the last two years. Kevin said that we would have to postpone the interview because of his technical problems. I laughed and said that I guess that Sallie didn't want us to talk. Ten minutes later Kevin called back and said that he fixed his problems I wanted to know if I still wanted to do the interview. I said that would be great, and I prepared for the interview.

  Now it appeared to me that Kevin didn't know very much about the Sallie House. The night before they had shown that rotten documentary about Atchison and the Sallie House. He said that I was one of the lucky people who got to see the whole house if people remember that the film crew was kept in the living room area. I had to stop him and make him aware that she was just a tenant and that the house was now empty. Through all of the interview, Kevin was a complete professional. But then again, he had been doing this for awhile. It did seem that before I could steer the interview towards debunking the "Sallie" story we would go into a break.
       All in all I felt like I needed 10 hour interview in order to say
everything that I wanted to, but the host was pleasant and courteous and the two hours just flew by. I truly believe that Kevin Smith has a real talent for interviewing people and I strongly urge people to give his live show a listen.









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