Sallie House Investigation
January 22nd and 23rd , 2005

Report by Jerry Talbert:

I can't say that anything was accomplished on this trip at all. It was a miserable cold Kansas night and we were turning the furnace off at times trying to capture some quiet time and perhaps an EVP. We thought that what we needed to do was to be very quiet so when we captured an EVP then we would know it.

(Of course we have since changed the way we record and listen to EVP's .)

At 5 am we were all going to leave the house for an hour and sit in our warm vehicles while our recorders captured total silence. Renae was already in her van when I got into mine. I was waiting for Jennifer to finally make her way out of the house and into the 14-degree temperature when I felt something in my hair.

I could feel something move my hair about and I knew it couldn't be a bug! So when Jennifer finally came to the van I asked her to check the top of my head. As soon as she checked her flashlight to see if it was working, the scalp massage ended.

Nothing else happened that night. I remember saying I was ready to give this up because I felt that nothing was here. But we did cave in to return during the Spring Equinox with a couple of psychics that wanted to visit the house. That was the night that changed our lives.











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