For the last three years the Kansas Paranormal Group has been researching the Sallie House. We use the house as a laboratory and have learned some interesting things.

One interesting thing that we have uncovered; how EVPs are formed and why it is that one person hears one thing and another something different.

1. Ambient Noise:  Cars driving by, street noises, etc.

2. Using our voices: This occurred on more than one recording. One example was when we were in the living room and a guest from Chicago was helping with our investigation. All during the time while he was talking they / it used his voice and kept saying MAGGOTS. Be aware of what you are saying. We had another EVP where a female investigator had asked Jennifer "What's the matter can't you hear it?" while Jennifer was listening to some EVPs captured on her laptop. But the voice came out as a little boy. While this was being said the female investigator had her shorts tugged at. (Audio captured by the video camera recording the event).

3. They will take what you say and change the words. This happened on a recording called "Long Time". I was discussing how Kansas was like a dumping ground for Indians in the 1800's. Jennifer told her sister that it was great that she was part Indian because that might help us get some form of paranormal event. She replied "Wrong Tribe". All seven people at the investigation witnessed this because we were all sitting together. But 5 recorders captured a little girl saying "Long Time".

4. Themselves. Have you ever heard an EVP that everyone argued over what was being said? Well we found that they will piggyback their EVPs on top of each other. One such case was when I was arguing about what an EVP said. They heard a little boy say, "Name is Paul" . I heard "He's a slave" being said by a woman. When you start stripping away the frequencies of the EVP, you can hear both.

5. White noise/Pink noise. We have had little success with this method
because in order to hear it you have to eliminate the noise, which distorts the audio.

EVP's from the Sallie House


Coughdrop-MP3 WAV
Long Time-MP3 WAV
Move your kids-MP3 WAV
Nice to be safe-MP3 WAV
Tom won’t hold your hand-MP3 WAV

No Tomorrow-MP3 WAV

March 2005

Pow Twice, edited-MP3

July 2005

What’s that, extended-MP3

December 2005

How come you put me down-WAV

March 2006

Maggots, reversed-WAV
Thomas do you want some sun-WAV

May 2006

Goodnight Edward-WAV

January 2007

Oh my God, Its going away-MP3
How did they do that-WAV
God picked the time-WAV
God picked the time, reversed-WAV






Is the Sallie House truly haunted? What spirits or entities are there? Is it demonic in nature?

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